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We live in a little town in the east of Madrid. We, that means Daniel, 12 years old, enthousiastic animal lover, his mom Carmen, always behind the camera, Bingo, a kind of spanish "Sheep dog" (a not very pure Mastin), taken with six weeks from the animal protection and Tequila, our Golden Retriever.

Bingo is absolutely in love with all cats. He wakes me up when the queens are about to give birth during the night. Upset he welcomes each new baby.

And, most important, our russian friends: Armonia (Raissa), Nadia, Alex, Alyshia, Bonifaz, Djumana, Carioca, Calina, Clarissa, kamchatka, Minouche, Herminia. And all the kittens born since 2004, but they are on an other page.









Our house is no more young, it is in a quiet quarter. It is large enough for all and there is a nice large yard, where our tigers spend the whole year. We like to keep all the windows open so that they can look for cool shadow in summer und much sun in winter.

We are members of the local Cat Association that belongs to the WORLD CAT FEDERATION. In former times we liked very much to go to Cat Expositions, but since I am divorced, we have to reduce a little bit our Show activities.









Anyway, our cats don't like to travel. Have a shower, dry, clean ears and noses and this whole stuff.... and to be shut up in narrow cages for two days..... They all know the preparation activities and disappear......

Our catterie's name is SIBERIAN BASTET, in honour to the egyptian godness, who was represented with the head of a cat and who protected the family and its wellfare.

Actually we have two males and six females. If they follow our planning, there should be not more than one litter per lady / year.







































Our kittens spend the first two months with her mom. Of course I visit them several times each day. After the first vaccination, we open their space to give them opportunity to climb, run and play. With three months, after the second vaccination, they are completely integrated in our family life.

As the other forest cats, also Siberians should spend at least 12 weeks with their mother and the rest of the litter.