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(by Michael Jackson, DANCING THE DREAM)


Eons of time I've been gestating

to take a form been hesitating

From the unmanifest this cosmic conception

On this earth a fantastic reception.

And then one fateful August morn

From your being I was born.

With tender love you nurtured a seed

To your own distress you paid no need

Unmindful of any risk and danger

You decided upon this lonely stranger.

Rainbows, clouds, the deep blue sky

Glittering birds that fly on high

Out of fragments you've made my whole

From the elements you fashioned my soul.

Mother dear, you gave me life

Because of you, no struggle or strife

You gave me joy and position

Cared for me without condition

And if I ever change this world

It's from the emotions you've unfurl'd

Your compassion is so sweet and dear

Your finest feelings I can hear

I can sense your faintest notion

The wondrous magic of your love potion.

And now that I have come so far

Met with every king and czar

Encountered every color and creed

Of every passion, every greed.

I go back to that starry night

With not a fear for muscle or might

You taught me how to stand and fight

For every single wrong and right

Every day without a hold

I will treasure what you've mold

I will remember every kiss

Your sweet words I'll never miss

No matter where I go from here

You are in my heart, my mother dear.